The Top Benefits of Giving Your Car a Fireball Ceramic Coating

The global ceramic coating market was worth $9.3 billion in 2019 and it's on the rise. From protecting aerospace vehicles to keeping healthcare surfaces clean, it's fast becoming a gold standard of the automotive industry. Ceramic coating may be the best vehicle protection you've never heard of.

Are you wondering how to protect your car from acid, dirt, weather and other contaminants? If so, it's time to consider ceramic coating. Read on to learn about the car ceramic coating benefits to keep your vehicle pristine.

It Protects Your Car

Fireball Australia's ceramic coating is the purest  Sio2 (Quartz based) coating available on the Australian market today.  Unlike a polymer-based paint protection that car dealerships sell; Fireball paint protection is 4 x harder than any car paint surface making it the most up to date technology in surface protection.

It's properly UV rated for our weather extremities like heat, salt (coastal) and also dust and each individual Fireball coating is tailored according to the environment your vehicle is most likely to be in. Installed by a trained and certified detailer to the exterior of your car a Fireball ceramic coating fuses with your car's paint and clear coating, forming an extra layer on the surface of your vehicle.

The bonded layer protects your car from scratches, wear, and dirt. It keeps UV rays and other contaminants from fading your car's paint job.

Fireball Ceramic coatings also protects the clear gloss layer on top of your car's paint, which, when damaged, looks foggy and opaque. Coated and protected your car's paintwork stays pristine and clear (glossy).

It Looks Great

Once installed and cured a Fireball Ceramic coating does more than offer a layer of protection. It also lets your car look its best. You can actually see the massive difference in paint enhancement giving your car an almost "glass like" appearance.

The bonded 5 layers of Sio2 show up on your car as an added layer of shine, and even better, it repels dirt and grime, making your car easier to clean in the future.

It's Durable

Unlike any other ceramic coating on the market, Fireball coatings undergo a series of chemical reactions after application. We call this Chemical Reaction Synthesis Hardshell Technology. To put it simply, the coating firstly binds to the surface being coated... after being wiped down by the installer, the coating self levels... then has a final chemical reaction to hardshell the coating from liquid to solid state. This results in higher gloss, better surface integrity, increased hydrophobics, more durability and minimal shrinkage.

It's Cost-Effective

Up-front, ceramic coating costs more than traditional waxing. However, it doesn't have to be repeated quarterly or monthly as wax does. Overall, ceramic coating ends up costing far less than maintaining your car's shine with constant wax jobs.

Better yet, it frees up your time. Waxing is a time-consuming process that has to be repeated regularly. Instead of spending hours polishing your car, ceramic coating is a one-time investment of both money and time.

Get the Vehicle Protection You Need

A Fireball Ceramic coating is the answer to the question "how to protect your vehicle" with a coating backed by a manufacturer's warranty + installation warranty. Whether you keep your pride and joy shining or you want to restore it to its former glory, a Fireball ceramic coating might be the right choice for you.

If you'd like to hear more about this game changer in surface protection technology contact CLIQ Detail for a demonstration.


Don't wait to get you car looking new.

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